Delightful Pears

How beautiful is this dessert? I call it Delightful Pears. Homemade for my cousin Valentina Lacouture who I adore. One of the best food critics I can have, she inspired this dessert while she was visiting for a couple of days. We were both craving a luscious dessert, wanted something different to go with a nice light lunch. You can not go wrong with wine, freshness and a seasonal product and full-bodied flavors.

It is uncomplicated to make, elegant and luscious.

Delightful Pears by Mia Anzola

You will need:

White Wine, French Butter Pears, Saffron, Brown Sugar, Pecans and Fat Free Cream, Cheese. For the recipe, suggested wine and tips leave a comment, like the post, send a tweet, email or share.

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